Incendio Firecore Coil



The Vivant Incendio Firecore Coil is the exact original advanced atomizer made for concentrates that is included with each Incendio Set/Kit by Vivant.
It is engineered using an embedded spiral electrical trace element to deliver the purest flavor quality possible. The trace sits underneath the heating dish so it never contacts or effects the quality of your vapor.
The heating dish is made using a premium pure crystal silica glass (SIO2) that heats efficiently and holds an impressive amount of material. When you’re finished using the Incendio it also wipes down easily in seconds.
Vivant’s Incendio Firecore Coil installs easily in seconds. Grab a replacement and pick up an extra so you never have to go without your favorite concentrates again. When one burns out just pop in a spare and you’re ready to go again in moments.
  • 1 x Vivant Incendio Replacement Firecore Coil