Native Wicks Platinum Blend Cotton



Native Wicks Platinum Blend Cotton

One bag contains 4 Feet of cotton

Native wicks began with a simple idea, create the highest quality, best performing wicking material. Since the release of their original Pima blend, and with much gratitude to their loyal customers, they’ve become a world leader in high quality cotton wicking material. Over a year later after heavy research and development with one of the largest cotton manufacturers in the US, they’ve created Native Wicks Platinum Blend. A proprietary blend of multiple fibers to enhance absorbency, wicking potential, and maximize cleanliness. Native Wicks “Platinum Blend”, Re-inventing the way you wick again with their long lasting clean tasting cotton.

A revolutionary large fiber blend for low resistance builds, increasing wicking ability and maximizing flavor. Native Wicks Platinum Blend is manufactured in a state-of-the-art CGMP certified facility.